Explain the Importance of Water Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration Service

If you speak with an expert in water damage and water cleanup, they are likely to tell you that the first 24 to 48 hours after water damage are the most important. This is the best period to ensure prevention of permanent damage and lessen the potential for mold and bacteria growth. That is why immediate water cleanup in Jacksonville is crucial after a flood or other accident that introduces water to your home or business.

Importance of Professional Assistance

You need to have a professional water damage worker who can get to the scene quickly and assess how much water damage there is. This person will also begin the water damage remediation process. This includes removing as much water as possible through various methods. This might mean offering water extraction, followed by the removal of wet carpets, sheetrock, and insulation.

After the water has been removed from the space, drying equipment will be used to remove the moisture remaining in the air and structure. This may involve the use of commercial air movers and high-efficiency dehumidifiers. All of these things need to be done quickly to ensure there is minimal permanent damage, which also means less water damage to repair.

Moisture Readings

Once this process has been done, the team providing water cleanup in Jacksonville will move on to repairs. Before that happens, the business will take moisture readings in each area that has been affected. This is done to ensure all moisture is gone before the repairs take place. Areas like wall cavities and behind cabinets should also be monitored for moisture. If there is moisture left behind, it can lead to the growth of mold, which leads to more problematic circumstances.

Quick Remediation Matters

For the water damage remediation to succeed and cause the least damage to your building, it’s important that it starts as quickly as possible. The best option is to choose a restoration company that offers 24-hour service for emergencies. This means, no matter what time of day you call, you can get the process started rather than waiting hours when the time is most crucial.

If you need water restoration and you need it now, Aqua Restoration will make sure you have skilled professionals at your side quickly.