Expert Tips On How To Sell To A Coin Dealer In Edmond


When it comes to the world of selling coins, it can be a very intimidating experience. This is especially true if the seller is dealing with an experienced dealer for the first time. Not to worry though, here are some expert tips on exactly how to best sell to a Coin Dealer in Edmond.

Avoid Desperation

Just like with any other type of valuable collectible, coin dealing can attract some ruthless people. This goes for both dealers and collectors. If they know that the person selling the coins is desperate for the money, they will take full advantage of that fact. Selling coins the same day with little preparation is a terrible idea and can actually cost the seller an average of 30% per sale. To combat this, the seller should give themselves at least 45 days to complete the sale. They should give themselves even longer if the collection is large and requires specialized research. This gives the seller the proper amount of time to price it out and market it to those interested.

Keep It Clean

In the world of coins, the holders the coins are kept in are referred to as “slabs”. Experts recommend to always make sure the “slabs” are new and clean. This just makes for a better overall presentation. Some buyers even report passing up coins because the holders were so scratched up they could barely see what was in them. This is obviously no way to sell that collectible. For a point of reference, visit a store such as Absolute Diamond And Gold Buyers and check out how their coins are displayed. This will give the newbie seller a good idea as to what they should be aiming for.

Have A Plan

If there is ever an emergency, the last thing a seller wants is to have their friends or family selling their prized coin collection without knowing anything about it. This is why something should be put into writing so they will know exactly where to go to sell it if times are ever dire. Making arrangements with a Coin Dealer in Edmond may be a good idea.

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