Expert Photograph Metal Sign Printing by Chicago Print Group


One of the most unique ways to present a prized photograph is to have it printed on metal. However, printing on metal is not the sort of task that can be done just anywhere; if you’re going to commission photographs on metal, you want to know you’re going to a company that has years of experience making sure that its products are able to resist the elements and the tests of time. You want Chicago Print Group.
Printing on Metal

Printing on metal presents a number of unique challenges that every potential consumer should be aware of before ordering a metal print. Signs should be lightweight and durable enough to be able to stand being moved dozens, if not hundreds of times. After all, for realtors and promoters, this is a necessity. Also, they should be able to stand up to everything the Chicago weather can offer.

However, if you’re going to invest in a metal sign, be sure you can make it your own. You want your photographs on metal signage to pop when viewed, and with unique borders and colors, as well as many other design features, that’s what Chicago Print Group can offer.
About Chicago Print Group

For nearly 25 years, Chicago Print Group has been providing the Chicagoland area with the very best in quality signage, ranging from simple paper banners to much more robust pieces. To learn more, visit today to learn more about metal signs and any other digital printing needs you may have.