Expert Gutter Cleaning in Hanover Helps to Keep Pests Away from Homes

Pest Control

Insects like mosquitoes, flies, roaches and bees tend to accumulate when they find the right living conditions. Other pests like mice, moles and even snakes can end up living in or clogging up any outside gutters and drains on a home or other building. Learn why expert gutter cleaning in Hanover helps to keep those bothersome pests away from your home or other structure.

Gutter Debris & Standing Water Attract Mosquitoes & More

The average homeowner isn’t aware of the risks that clogged gutters, rain sprouts and sewer drains bring in the way of insects and other pests. Gutter debris, like dried leaves, pine-cones or other materials that can get into a home’s gutters, can attract pests like mosquitoes, wasps and even mice or chipmunks.

Watch Out for Standing Water Inside Gutters

Standing water inside a gutter system draws disease carrying mosquitoes or gnats. Standing water can cause mold growth able to damage wooden surfaces like exterior walls or roofs of a building over time.

Bats Can Take Up Residence in Gutters & Under Eaves

Although most bats are good for fruit trees because they feed on insects drawn to rotting fruit, they can become pests quickly. Bats often take up residence under a roof in attic spaces or under eaves. Bats can also live in gutter spouts as well. It is better to call in a professional that provides reliable gutter cleaning for Hanover residential homes.

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