What Is Expected Of A Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney?


A consumer bankruptcy attorney in Lake Worth is one that represents consumers and not businesses during the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy attorneys are instrumental in advising clients as to whether filing for bankruptcy is in their best interests or not and if it is the attorney will help the client prepare the case and accompanying documentation and then represent the individual during the court proceedings. If the consumer has any problems after having his or her debts discharged the attorney can help and advise the client.

Bankruptcy law varies from one jurisdiction to another and although the law allows a bankrupt to represent him or herself in court, the complexities of a consumer bankruptcy are such that hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Lake Worth is advisable. As the laws pertaining to bankruptcy are complex it is easy for a layperson to make a serious error which can have adverse consequences once the petition gets to court. The court expects complete accuracy and will not tolerate any errors in the listing of all the assets and debts of the petitioner. The bankruptcy code in the US demands that all statements made during a bankruptcy petition are accurate and honest and an attorney must verify all the statements made.

In most jurisdictions the initial preparation for filing bankruptcy consists of compiling a complete list of all available assets and all debts and the completion of a number of court mandated documents. Most consumer bankruptcies are Chapter 7 which entails selling all the assets, paying the creditors’ as much as possible and having the debts discharged. Consumers who have considerable assets that they wish to protect will avail themselves of Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy demands that the debtor file a repayment plan that covers the repayment of some of the debt over time. In cases where Chapter 13 is filed, the bankruptcy attorney in Lake Worth will develop the repayment plan in full accordance with federal guidelines.

The consumer who is filing for bankruptcy will have at least one court appearance when he or she must meet the creditors. At this meeting the creditors are given an opportunity to raise any objections, the attorney for the bankrupt will explain in detail to the judge and the creditors all the pertinent details of the filing. If there are concerns about the filing the bankruptcy attorney in Lake Worth can help the client deal with these concerns.

A bankruptcy attorney in Lake Worth is a must in the event you file for consumer bankruptcy protection. If you are considering bankruptcy you are invited to contact The Law Offices of Sean I. Koplow.