What to Expect from a Local Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Orchard


No one expects to experience a personal injury that lands them in a lawsuit, but they do happen. If you or someone you love or know has been seriously injured or incurred damages due to no fault of their own, you should direct them to hire an attorney to help them recover their damages and expenses and make the party that caused the injury responsible for their actions. When you need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Orchard, Washington, it is important to understand what to expect from these legal services. Here are a few basics for your information.

Free Initial Consultation

It is common for lawyers to offer free initial consultations for people who have experienced a personal injury. These consultations are used to tell your story, ask questions, and find out if you have a claim against the responsible party. If the lawyer feels you have a good case and can recover your losses through a settlement or lawsuit, he or she will let you know. If not, they are not likely to take your case. There is no reason to waste your time or the lawyer’s time with a no-win situation.


A Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Orchard will protect your rights and represent you in these cases if they accept you as a client. They will gather the necessary information from you, any law enforcement reports, witnesses, medial records, and other sources related to your damages and injuries. After they have the information they need, a case will be built against the offending party and the process will begin. Depending on how negotiations go, a settlement may be completed in a few weeks or months, but most commonly it takes several years. Some cases end up being litigated in court where a judge and/or jury make the final decision. Regardless of how things go, you don’t pay any lawyer fees unless and until the lawyer gets you a settlement.

These are the things you can expect when you hire a personal injury lawyer. Always be honest and forthcoming so your attorney can provide you with quality representation. Dishonesty will adversely affect the fiduciary trust between you and your lawyer as well as the outcome of your case. The Otto Law Offices have experience in personal injury cases. You can find out more about how they can help at www.anthonyotto.com.