What to Expect During a Laser Ablation in Albuquerque Metro NM


If you are concerned with your appearance and struggle with varicose veins, you already know how embarrassing and painful they can be. While there is no natural cure to prevent them, advancements in medical technology have made it possible to remove the veins and give you instant relief from the negative side effects they cause. Don’t let your legs remain a source of embarrassment any longer. Make sure you consider having a Laser Ablation in Albuquerque Metro NM so you can have legs that you are proud of. The following are a few things you can expect during your treatment. Make sure you know what to expect so you aren’t caught off guard by anything during your surgery.

Initial Consultation

During your initial appointment for Laser Ablation in Albuquerque Metro NM the doctor will conduct a physical exam to ensure you are well enough for the procedure. They will also examine your legs and determine the course for your treatment. You will also be asked questions about your insurance and how you plan to pay for the surgery. They will need to have all of this information on hand before they will schedule the procedure.

Preparation and Treatment

When you go in for the treatment, they will shave your legs and prepare them for the surgery. You will be given a light anesthetic so you are not as aware of the pain involved during treatment. They will verify your vitals are at a level that are acceptable for the procedure, and then begin with the process of removing the veins from your legs.

Recovery Period

After they have finished, you will need to remain at the surgery center for at least 3-4 hours. Once they know that you are not at risk for post surgery problems, they will release you to go home. You will need to apply a topical cream to the affected area, and refrain from major activity for at least 7 days. Make sure you are aware of the recovery requirements and will be able to follow them after your procedure.

Don’t live with the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins any longer. Get your legs back by contacting the Vein Center of New Mexico. Call them today or you can find out more here. Take control of your health and appearance once and for all by scheduling your initial consultation.

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