What To Expect From Your Animal Doctor In Oahu

Pets And Animals

When you take your pet to an Animal Doctor in Oahu, you want your pet to receive the best care and treatment possible. A full service clinic can take care of all of your veterinary needs so you’ll know that your pet is in good hands the entire time. Below are some important questions that you should ask your veterinarian concerning the procedures and services of the clinic.

Q.) If my pet needs x-rays or tests, will you have to send the tests to another clinic for the results?

A.) A full service clinic has all of the capabilities of performing their own tests, including taking and reading x-rays. An in house laboratory ensures that tests performed on your pets are read correctly and quickly. Sending blood work or other tests to a laboratory is time consuming and for the health of your pet, it’s important that your vet has the test results quickly, so that he can immediately begin treatment.

Q.) I want my pet to have healthy teeth and gums too. Does your clinic provide dental services for pets?

A.) Dental care for your pets is an important part of good overall health and well being. Pets are at risk for periodontal disease if their teeth are not regularly cleaned and examined. Tartar build up can infect the gums and roots of your cat’s and dog’s teeth, which can lead to decay and tooth loss.

Q.) What are your surgery procedures for pets?

A.) Before any type of surgery, it’s imperative that the Animal Doctor in Oahu gives your pet a pre-surgery exam and has lab work done to ensure that your pet is healthy enough for the surgical procedure. Right before the surgery, the vet will administer a safe dose of anesthesia to your pet and he’ll be monitored throughout the duration of the surgery. After surgery, your pet should stay overnight at the clinic so that he can be further monitored.

The Honolulu Pet Clinic provides professional and expert full service veterinary care for your beloved pets. Services include spay and neuter surgery, wellness exams, dental cleanings and emergency procedures. They also offer pet food, pet care products and behavioral training.