Examples of Physical Therapy Exercises After an Operation by a Hand Surgeon in Birmingham, AL


After a Hand Surgeon in Birmingham, AL completes an operation required because of a work injury, physical therapy will likely be necessary. Therapy makes sure that the hand is returned as close to its normal ability as possible. With a program custom-designed a physical therapist, many patients recover all of their previous ability or nearly all.

A broad range of operations are completed by a Hand Surgeon in Birmingham, AL after patients suffer a serious injury. Bones might have been crushed or a tendon damaged beyond repair. These orthopedic surgeons are responsible for some of the most intensive work in the medical field.

Physical Therapy Benefits

Physical therapy afterward helps patients practice gripping and regain strength. The exercises also return flexibility to the hand. The therapy can be arduous and frustrating as the patient often does not progress as quickly as he or she hopes for. The exercises are likely to cause additional discomfort when they are being performed, although the hand generally feels better with regular prescribed activity compared with continuous rest.

Types of Exercises

What types of exercises might be prescribed at a clinic? This all depends on the type and severity of injury the patient experienced, and the surgery that was done to resolve the problem.

Stretching and Gripping

Wrist and hand stretches may be important. Various finger to finger and finger to thumb exercises can be performed throughout the day. Extending and bending the fingers is another possibility. A therapist may recommend doing finger-bending activity once each minute for a full hour. The patient may be instructed to place the palm on a flat surface and raise each finger one by one. Gripping an object and releasing it over and over boosts strength.

Activities in the Occupational Therapy Style

Activities in the occupational therapy style can be extremely helpful once the patient is ready. Playing the piano or guitar, for instance, may be very difficult at first, even for a seasoned player. Yet those activities help the hand regain strength and mobility. Typing and writing with a pen are additional possibilities.