Why Everyone Needs Living Wills in Bel Air MD


Next to last wills and testaments, Living Wills in Bel Air MD are among the most important documents that people should prepare in advance. These documents help to ensure that the wishes of the individual are carried out, even when he or she is not in a position to make those wishes known. Here are some examples of scenarios in which a living will is going to make a difference.

Clear Guidance In Life or Death Situations

Living wills tend to focus on the type of medical treatments that could be used in order to sustain the life of the patient after a serious medical event or accident. For example, a patient may be so seriously injured that he or she may not regain consciousness in time to make his or her wishes known. If the chances for survival are very slim and life support is the only option, the terms of a living will can declare that the patient does not wish to be subjected to that type of procedure.

Remove the Burden from the Family.

In situations that hold almost no hope for recovery, spouses and family members may be torn on what to do in terms of prolonging the life of a loved one. The burden of making that decision can be significant. Living Wills in Bel Air MD effectively take that burden off the shoulders of family members and make it possible to go with the wishes expressed by the patient when he or she was still capable of making those types of decisions. In a sense, the presence of the will makes it easier to let go and know that it is what the loved one would want. Keep in mind that living wills are focused on life or death situations in which there is very little hope.

They generally do not address medical situations in which the potential for recovery is very good. In those scenarios, it pays to have a family member who can authorize courses of treatment. For people who are single and have no immediate family, a medical power of attorney granted a trusted friend the right to make those decisions is an excellent companion to that living will. Contact us for more details.