Etiquette when using Tobacco Smoking Accessories on Long Island

Head Shops

According to the American Heart Association, more than 23 percent of men and close to 18 percent of women in America smoke. This has led to an increased demand for tobacco smoking accessories on Long Island. However, being a minority, smokers face various forms of hostilities when enjoying their habit. Smokers practicing proper etiquette avoid making their habit a source of annoyance to non-smokers.

Public Areas

If you are a cigarette smoker in a public space, you have to be aware of the smoking policies in your locality. However, it is generally considered polite if you can ask the person sitting next to you if they would mind if you smoke. Avoid smoking in crowded places. Even if the person next to you doesn’t mind if you smoke, the smoke may affect someone who is a bit farther away but still accessible by the smoke. If you smoke while walking, hold the cigarette carefully so that it does not inadvertently burn anyone.

Watch where you blow your smoke. Consider the wind direction when smoking outside. Do not annoy other people by blowing smoke in their faces or direction due to the wind. If this happens, move or turn in a different direction. Avoid smoking in no-smoking zones including buildings where smoking is prohibited. If you have to step outside to smoke, do not stand on or near the entrance. If you stand near the entrance, you will force people to go through the smoke when going in or out of the building. This may irritate some non-smokers. Move away from the entrance or even go around a corner. It is wrong to dispose of cigarette butts by throwing them on the ground and you could be charged. Dispose of cigarette butts in a garbage bin or ashtray. If one is not near, hang on to the cigarette butt until you find one.

Designated Smoking Areas

If you are using tobacco smoking accessories on Long Island and someone starts giving you a lecture about the dangers of smoking, politely tell him to mind his health and let you be responsible for yours.