Estimating Costs of a New Construction Plumbing Expert in Atlanta


When you’re constructing a building, whether as your own personal home or to house a business, there are a lot of costs to consider. This can get very complicated, and it can be very difficult to understand just how much the building will cost in the end. There are different methods and calculations that need to be used for all the individual pieces that will go into the construction, and it’s important to understand how to estimate costs for the different types of construction. Estimating the cost of paint, flooring, and siding is a relatively simple matter, but trying to understand the cost of your plumbing is quite different. The information below should help you to do this as you go about hiring a new construction plumbing expert in Atlanta.

Square Footage

As mentioned above, estimating the cost of paint and flooring is quite simple as you can simply look to see what the cost of the materials are, and then multiply that by the number of square feet it needs to cover. This is more complicated with plumbing as there are different systems that need to be installed depending on the purpose of the building. However, at the time of writing, the average cost in North America is about four dollars per square foot. This may be higher or lower depending on where you live, what the building will be used for, and how much the contractor charges to install the plumbing. However, this approach is a good way to estimate what your costs will be to purchase and install the plumbing with a new construction plumbing expert.

Additional Considerations

The averages listed above include the cost of materials and the cost of hiring a new construction plumbing expert to install the plumbing. These averages cover a wide range of residential construction types, but costs can easily increase depending on how the building is going to be used. For example, if the building is going to be used for commercial purposes, and you will need to have more bathrooms than the average home, costs will increase. If the building is being constructed to be used as a restaurant, your plumbing needs will be far more complex, and this will also drive up the cost of the project. In addition to needing more piping and additional plumbing elements, you will also generally need larger pipes, and may also need to use materials that are of a higher grade. The larger the pipe, the higher the cost, and higher quality pipes will also be more expensive. PVC is generally used in residential construction, but if you are working on a commercial project, you’ll need better quality materials. You can certainly think of other types of business that will require extensive plumbing. Some people also want to have special plumbing features in their home, such as water features, and this would also be another reason why costs could increase. When attempting to estimate the cost of your own construction project, you should factor these things into your calculations. If you need an accurate estimate of the cost of your job, you can find help at