Equipment Rental in Pasadena, TX is Affordable and Convenient

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Renting equipment is a great way for do-it-yourself homeowners to use the same tools as professional contractors. Equipment Rental Pasadena TX charges for equipment based on it’s value. A 1/2-inch air ratchet rents for $20 a day, while a double drum ride on roller rents for $165 a day. Customers should realize that companies define a day several ways. Some calculate a 24-hour day that begins when they rent the item. So if a customer rents a ratchet at 10 am, it has to be returned by 10 am the next day. Other companies define day as end of business the day after the rental. So if the customer rents a ratchet at 10 am, it’s then due at close of business the next day. Visit website for more information.

Renting equipment on weekends is often cheaper. Contractors account for a large amount of Equipment Rental Pasadena TX, but they usually only rent from Monday through Friday. In order to get the most return from their inventory, tool rental companies often charge less on the weekend. They may only charge customers for one day, but let them have it for the entire weekend. Usually the weekend starts at 3 pm on Friday and ends at 9 am on Monday.

Equipment Rental Pasadena TX can be frustrating if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If a homeowner rents a piece of equipment to use outside and it rains, they often loose the rental fee. Some tool rental companies offer a limited form of protection. If the customer rents equipment for a week and it rains for one day, they company will extend the rental period for a day.

Some tool companies will even drop off equipment and pick it up. This guarantees that the customer doesn’t have to worry about paying late fees. It’s also very convenient. Some people don’t have a truck big enough to carry small excavator.

Contractors spend a lot of time scheduling their work. If they are late, they could cost other contractors money. It’s also bad for business to be known as a contractor that doesn’t show up on time. Therefore it’s important that equipment rental companies such as Mainland Tools & Supply let contractors schedule their rentals far in advance. Some require a down payment for the reservation and some don’t.