Ensure Your Vehicle Stops Properly With Car Brake Repair in Sterling, VA


In spite of all the money we spend to keep our cars going, one of it’s most important features is what makes it stop. Brakes are the critical components in your automobile that could very well save your life. Neglecting those brakes is one of the worst things you can do with your vehicle when driving in Sterling, VA. However, Determining if your brakes are bad is often fairly easy. Usually, the brake pedal will feel different. Sometimes it may push almost to the floor. In other cases it could feel spongy or you may need to pump the pedal to get the braking action you require.

Pumping the pedal usually means there is air in the brake lines. This can be a bad situation and you need to take your vehicle in for immediate Car Brake Repair in Sterling, VA. The reasons for air in the line could be low brake fluid, but usually it is due to a failed seal in a brake cylinder (drum brakes) or caliper (disk brakes.) The mechanic will need to inspect the whole system to ensure the leak is repaired and this usually requires rebuilding the calipers or cylinders with new seals.

The most common Car Brake Repair in Sterling, VA is the replacement of brake pads. Almost all modern cars use flat pads and rotors for their braking action due to it’s improved stopping capability. This braking action wears down the pads as well as the rotors they rub against. Likewise it generates a lot of heat which can stress the rotors. When the mechanic is replacing the brakes they have to check the surface of the rotors to ensure it is flat for the correct stopping capability. They must also test the width of the rotor to ensure they aren’t below manufacturer’s standards. If the rotor is too thin it could break under stress which could be very dangerous.

Most brake shops provide their customers with a special, but this deal may not be the bargain you expect. In many cases the shops may use inferior brake parts or fail to check your car’s rotors. Quality repair shops like Drake’s Brakes knows the best way to have their customers return is to use the best braking components and treat these vehicles as if they were their own. Visit Website For more information.