Ensure Complete Comfort With Quality Maintenance and HVAC Repair in Fort Myers

Heating and Air Conditioning

Treating the air in your home is a crucial step in ensuring the comfort of your family and friends. This is especially true in area like Fort Myers where warm days can occur all year long. Treating the air is also important for newer homes with high insulating factors because the lower air flow affects air quality. Unfortunately, running your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system twenty-four, seven can be hard on the equipment. Eventually, the hardware will break down and require HVAC Repair in Fort Myers.

HVAC repairs can range from smaller problems such as a failing thermostat to major expenses like the condenser locking up. The thermostat is like the brains of the system. It is continually testing the temperature and switching on the equipment when required. Constant cycling of the electronics can result in failure if the device is of low quality or gets a lot of use. Manual thermostats use switches or contacts inside them that trigger the system to activate. The contacts inside these devices can get corroded so they no longer make proper electrical connections. If the thermostat is old, the technician may suggest replacing it for a modern, electronic version.

There are only a few moving parts inside an A/C. Two of these are fans which circulate air. One fan is located inside the home so it can move the treated air throughout the house. The other fan is by the condenser and is used for cooling the refrigerant after it leaves the house. The other moving parts are the condenser system. The condenser is used to compress the refrigerant so it can be pushed through the evaporator coil which is located inside the home.

You can usually avoid some HVAC repairs by having the systems serviced on a yearly basis. Service should include inspection, testing of electronics and any necessary cleaning. Really good HVAC companies will also offer services such as air duct sanitizing to improve overall air quality. Keeping your HVAC clean ensures better breathing for the whole family.