What You Should Do After Endodontic Therapy in Wichita


585798_mHaving oral surgery is never fun, but most people will undertake a procedure (or more) during their lifetime. Endodontic Therapy in Wichita does not have to be a grueling experience though. With the increase in dental technology, surgery has become virtually painless. Keep in mind, though, that many will experience some discomfort after the procedure, and this is perfectly normal. This article will help you answer questions that may arise after you get home.

Your dentist or oral surgeon will place a sterile gauze pad in the place operated. This will help reduce bleeding and retain blood during the coagulation process. You must keep the pad in place for an hour after leaving the clinic. Keep good pressure on it, and do not chew until the dentist tells you it is okay to do so.

It is expected that the wound will bleed for a couple of hours after surgery. It may continue to ooze up to 24 hours. Do not worry if you feel a lot of blood. It is the mixture of blood and saliva that gives you that impression. If you are unable to control bleeding after 4 hours by pressing firmly on the gauze, call your dentist or oral surgeon.

What to do

1. Replace the gauze pad if the bleeding continues.
2. Relax and keep your head elevated. The fact is that resting blood slows, reduces bleeding and accelerates healing.
3. Brush your teeth and floss as usual, but try avoiding contact with the wound.
4. Call your oral surgeon if you bleed a lot four hours after the operation.

What not to do

1. Do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours, even if the bleeding and blood leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
2. Do not chew the gauze, nor exert suction on the wound.
3. Do not indulge in any physical activity for at least 48 hours after surgery.
4. Do not drive or handle machinery if you are taking narcotics.
5. Avoid hot liquids, like coffee and tea. Let the soup cool before eating. Hot liquids activate blood circulation, and bleeding may start again.
6. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking during the first two weeks following surgery. Alcohol and tobacco impair the coagulation process, increasing the risk of infection. This will delay healing, as well.

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