Why You Should Employ a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in St. Petersburg


Have you been in a vehicular accident while driving a motorcycle, and sustained an injury? You could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and the pain you have experienced. A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in St. Petersburg can represent you, and ensure that you get the money you deserve. Papa and Gipe PA can help with with personal injury disputes, and a variety of other cases. This firm serves clients in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay areas. David A. Papa. and R. Stanley Gipe are dedicated to achieving results for their client’s cases.


If you were in a motorcycle accident, you may have a multitude of injuries from the crash. The most common problems that victims experience are inability to work, finances being in disarray and significant pain. Also, insurance adjusters will try to get you to accept a low settlement. A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in St. Petersburg can negotiate with the insurance company for you, and in the event that litigation is necessary, will fight in court to make sure you get the right amount of compensation.

The first steps when you are in a motorcycle or auto accident are not to give a sworn statement until you have an attorney present, and to not accept the insurance adjuster’s settlement offer. Then you will need to collect evidence, like names, addresses and numbers of any possible witnesses to the accident. After that, you will have to report the accident to the police and to your own insurance company. It would be a prudent idea to take pictures of the scene of the accident, and any injuries that you received. It is very important to speak to an attorney before signing any insurance paperwork, or if you are going to speak with an insurance legal representative. If you needed to consult with a doctor, or had to get medical care, be sure to obtain documentation of your medical bills.

Papa and Gipe PA have a record of success with many personal injury cases. They can prepare your case, and design a strategy to make sure you get the maximum settlement possible. Contact Papa and Gipe PA for more information about motorcycle accidents and other kinds of personal injury cases.