Electrical Wiring in Wichita Kansas


electricrepairElectricity is a major contributor to economic growth and well being. Be it at the residential, institutional, commercial, or industrial level, its importance can never be exaggerated. Poor electrical wiring in Wichita Kansas area or related problems can turn this valuable resource into a hazard if not quickly rectified. Here is a glance at a few and how to solve them.

Backstabbed wires

This is when wires are pushed back on new receptacles and switches which make them to be loosely attached to the screw terminal. This may cause a failure of the switches and receptacles or to the worst, a fire might break out. Check if the receptacles and switches are backstabbed by removing them from the outlet box and releasing the wires and anchoring them to the right terminal.

Over-wired Panel

This is where an electric panel has more circuits than it is designed for. Basically, the single-pole breakers are exchanged for tandem breakers in a single slot. The tandem double-breakers have a high amp which might result in serious electric fire breakout. To solve this, a larger panel should be bought or a subpanel with few slots should be used to back the single-pole breaker one.

Over lamping

It occurs when a lighting fixture has a higher wattage than the recommended. This is a very dangerous error as the intense heat can easily scorch the socket and insulation found on the wires. Consequently, this increases the probability of arcing and occurrence of an electrical fire. It is critical to stay within the appropriate wattage limit.

Uncovered Junction Boxes

The junction box houses all the wire connections. This is a potential place where one can easily be electrocuted if the box is now well covered. All naked boxes should be screwed into place.

Fewer Outlets

When the outlets are few, there tends to be a heavy reliance on the existing power strips and extension cords. Where the extension cords are undersize, they can easily ignite a fire and cause massive destruction. The solution to this is to simply add more outlets. Always use a specialist to handle all your Electrical Wiring in Wichita Kansas. You will be guaranteed of safety.

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