What To Do If You Are Elderly And In Need Of Care & Support In Or Around Waldorf MD?

Assisted Living

For the elderly, probably their prime desire in life is “not to be a burden to anybody”. But, there will come a day when the everyday chores of living will become difficult, if not impossible, to perform. Hopefully, the mind is still as keen as it used to be; there are no major illnesses and it is only the limbs and joints that appear to have seized up or gone on strike – or, on a good day, the body seems to be holding some sort of “go slow” protest.

You Need Help & Assistance

Let’s say that you used to have a family and kids; but, the kids graduated college and moved away to follow their careers while your wife (bless her sole) passed away a few years back; to all intents and purposes, you are on your own and living in the Waldorf house that you purchased way back as a newlywed planning a big family. The house is far too big for you; you curse the stairs each night as you haul yourself up them to go to bed and you curse them again as you nearly fall down them the following morning. As for the yard, it’s a mess and mowing a lawn is definitely a thing from your past.

You have to find a more suitable place to live; but, a city apartment (even with an elevator) simply does not appeal to you – you may no longer be able to hike for miles; but, you still love being out of doors in the fresh air. You have looked at some single story homes but could not find any in a neighborhood that you fancied (there’s also the problem of getting to the market for your supplies).

Why Not Consider Senior Apartments And/Or Assisted Living?

Waldorf may simply be a bedroom town for Washington DC; but, it is also close by to some fantastically beautiful Maryland countryside. Obviously, you no longer wish to move into a large country estate and any gated community development is likely to give you similar problems to those you already have. Fortunately, there are places offering excellent assisted living near Waldorf, MD; you can have an apartment for fully serviced; but, independent living. Or you can choose your own room with assisted care through levels 1 to 3. All of this can be enjoyed in a peaceful rural setting no more than 30 minute drive away from where you are now struggling to live alone. The Village at Taylor Farm offers a unique elderly care located mere 30 miles away in Bushwood.