Effective And Safe Cannabis Odor Control

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With research and latest findings on the advantages of using medical marijuana in a range of different treatment options for issues such as chronic pain, seizures, and cancer, the need for large-scale, greenhouse styles of growing systems is critical.

However, with large scale production of production of this crop, there is a considerable concern with the odor the plants give off during flowering. This can be an issue of concern in a more urban area and even in some rural locations. There may also be local bylaws and regulations about even a slight release of the air inside the grow facilities if they are in the flowering stage.

One of the most effective ways of providing cannabis odor control is to use industrial misting systems. These systems are at a lower cost to install, operate and maintain than charcoal filtering systems. They can also be integrated into the configuration of the building, limiting the space they use throughout the facility.

The Mist Advantage

Specific types of “green” and biodegradable chemicals can be added to the water flowing through the system. These chemicals are then released into the air near the plants, allowing the biodegradable chemicals to attach to the molecules and eliminate them, removing the source of the odor.

Of course, there is a secondary advantage with this type of cannabis odor control. The moisture released through the use of misting nozzles is in micron-sized droplets. These droplets do not provide ground moisture, but they do add humidity to the air that can be easily controlled and adjusted during the different plant growth stages.

Full environmental control available with these misting cannabis odor control systems. They provide a low-cost, low-space option that offers advantages that are simply not possible with the more expensive air-filtration systems.