Dumpster Rental Service in Hamilton Township Is Available for a Broad Range of Home Improvement Projects

Lawn Care Service

Dumpster Rental Service in Hamilton Township is ideal for many kinds of residential projects. Some homeowners are doing home improvement work and need to dispose of old construction materials. Others are ready to declutter the house as well as the garage and a shed. Representatives from the rental company provide information about which materials can be combined and which should be separated into a different disposal container.

Examples of Projects

Replacing a roof, remodeling a house, making major landscaping changes and clearing out a packed attic are all reasons homeowners call for Dumpster Rental Service in Hamilton Township. Some of these are major projects usually handled by contractors, but many homeowners have enough skill and experience to do their own home improvement work. An individual who worked for a general contractor for many years, for instance, may feel quite comfortable with doing extensive kitchen renovations.

Clearing of land debris also can be done with a dumpster for disposal. Property owners may want to excavate some land for a large garden where they will add high-quality topsoil after eliminating the old dirt. They may be clearing away an area on the property that has many downed branches, twigs and leaves that have been neglected for years.

Getting the Right Dumpster

People calling for quotes on dumpster rental must tell the representative what type of project they need the container for. A home cleanout can be done with one of the larger roll-off containers because even if the dumpster is filled, it will not weigh too much. The same is not true for building and paving materials like concrete, asphalt, stone, slate roof tiles and bricks.

Sizing of Containers

Dumpster rental companies typically size the containers by the cubic yard. The most common sizes are 10, 20 and 30 cubic yards. Roll-off containers generally all have the same width but vary by length and height. A 20-yard and 30-yard model may have the same length but a different height. A 10-yard and 20-yard version may have the same height but a different length. Contact Artistic Materials Inc. for further explanations and quotes on dumpster rental.