DUI Is A Serious Offense And You Need To Call A DUI Attorney In Las Vegas NV


Being pulled over by the police is unnerving. If you’ve been pulled over after drinking any type of alcohol you will be given some sobriety tests and may be taken to jail for DUI.
Going to court unrepresented by proper legal counsel could end up with you having the maximum penalty available. If you’re been pulled over for DUI you need to contact a DUI Attorney In Las Vegas NV immediately.

The severity of your penalty will depend on the severity of your charge. First offenses can give you 48 hours in jail or community service. It could also give you 6 months in jail. Depending on the circumstances it could give you an Ignition Interlock Device for 3 months. Having an attorney represent you and be your liaison with the courts could help you to obtain the lesser penalty.

If there are extenuating circumstances such as having a child in the car, the penalty could be more severe. Depending on the location you were charged in also will depend on your penalties. Some places have additional penalties that can be added to your DUI sentence if found guilty.

Even if your blood alcohol content is over the limit, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will absolutely found guilty. There are things the prosecutors must move. These things are if they had reasonable ground for stopping you and did you show any signs that you were actually impaired. They also must prove you were read your rights and was there probable cause to arrest you for DUI to begin with.

This is why you need a DUI Attorney In Las Vegas NV. If you are not aware of the law and the procedures for a legal DUI arrest and charge, you could go to jail when you’re legally not guilty. The tests performed can also be challenged, such as the blood or breath test and the field tests given beside the road.

Don’t go in and plead guilty to beg the judge to listen to your story. Hire an attorney who is experienced in DUI cases. They can help you go through your case and attempt to get you a better outcome than you can on your own.