DUI Attorneys Advise Clients of Their Constitutional Rights


DUI attorneys help clients understand their Constitutional rights after being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. If anyone wants to fight the charge of DUI, contacting a lawyer as soon as possible can be important for success in this goal.

The Miranda Warning
DUI attorneys may advise clients not to answer questions from the police without a lawyer being present. If police officers arrest the driver in Oak Lawn, they must read the Miranda rights, also known as the Miranda warning, to this person. Otherwise, anything the person says to these officials is not admissible in court. However, if the defendant offered information before being brought into custody, police can use this in court.

Frustrations With the DUI Legal Process
In Oak Lawn and elsewhere across the nation, it may seem that a person’s Constitutional rights do not fully apply in DUI cases. That is enormously frustrating to U.S. residents who are stopped on suspicion of this offense and are essentially forced to comply with certain rules.

For instance, although the Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches, sometimes it may seem that the law enforcement process dealing with DUI suspects is unfair. A driver can be stopped for having a malfunctioning taillight or even a dirty windshield and the officer has the option of demanding a breath test. If the driver refuses, his or her license is automatically suspended for a full year. Anyone who needs legal representation in a DUI case may contact Michael D. Ettinger & Associates.