Are Ductless Heat Pumps in Baltimore, MD Practical?

Heating and Air Conditioning

With high energy costs a reality, homeowners often seek ways to reduce their energy consumption. With older heating and air conditioning systems, the costs of operation can quickly decimate a home budget. Many older systems are simply too inefficient to use when repairs and maintenance are also factored into the total operating costs. The question then becomes, what type of system might provide a better alternative? The answer, for many Baltimore residents, is to install Ductless Heat Pumps in Baltimore MD.

Over the years, the technology involved in the design of heat pumps has dramatically improved. Older heat pumps, like any other older heating or cooling system, were not as efficient as today’s units. Manufacturers have not only improved the efficiency of units, they have designed ductless heat pumps that provide high quality heating and cooling solutions for virtually any home, but especially for homes without existing ductwork.

Ductless systems are incredibly versatile, as they can quickly be installed in virtually any room near an outside wall. They are ideal for additions or for retrofits when it is time to replace an aging system. Contemporary designs can fit any decor, providing heating and cooling for the area while, at the same time, remaining unobtrusive. Because of their high efficiency ratings, Ductless Heat Pumps in Baltimore MD, should be on the top of anyone’s list when heating and cooling systems are being installed or replaced.

Baltimore area heating and cooling experts, like Fitz Brothers Mechanical routinely work with clients to determine not only if ductless heat pumps are the best solution for a specific application, but also to make sure the system is correctly sized for the application. As with all heating and cooling systems, ductless heat pumps models are designed to fit different sized areas. Picking the correct model will help to keep operating costs and reduce servicing needs.

Of course, properly insulating an area will make any heating and cooling devices less costly to operate. For older homes, heating and cooling professionals will recommend insulation be added if the area is not properly insulated. For new construction, the effectiveness of ductless heat pumps will be enhanced if steps are taken to insulate the area well. However, with the increasing costs of heating and cooling, ductless heat pumps are not only practical, but highly recommended for the Baltimore area.