Duct Cleaning Options

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You find air ducts in many commercial and residential properties all over the country. Most ducts are unseen because they are under the floor or up in the roof of a building, as well as those ducts that attach to a dryer machine. Other ducts are used in air conditioning systems, heating systems and ventilation systems, and are meant to remove, exhaust and deliver cold and warm air to the system for which they are intended.

Most ducts are made from a variety of materials including fiber glass, galvanized steel and sheet metal. Many of you may have noticed the flexible style ducting that is use on your dryer. It sits over the dryer vent to expel the warm air that the dryer produces and send it outside the home. As with any duct that is meant to serve to expel dust or particles, it will in time become clogged or caked with grime and dirt. The sides of the ducting will begin by becoming slightly coated as the new layer of dirt adheres to the sides. With time and without constant cleaning, the dirt layers will increase and thicken. If you use a dryer machine and you take out the linen guard to clean off excess build up, you are looking at a similar situation that happens inside the ducts in your home. However, those are on a far larger scale and could cause dryer vent fires, poor circulation of air, poor air quality, or allergies.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has clear guidelines as to the constancy of duct cleaning and they say that unless someone in your home suffers from allergies or has unexplained illnesses or symptoms, it is advisable to have the ductwork checked for contaminants. If there is no sign of anything such as mold or visible contaminants then it is unnecessary to have you ducts cleaned. However, this done not mean that you shouldn’t clean them if you so wish, or clean them at least once a year to make sure there is nothing inside the vents that could be potentially harmful or dangerous.

In Cambridge Duct Cleaning is done by professionals who understand how to maintain, clean and fix the ductwork to the city or state standard.

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