How to Dry and Clean a Flooded Basement in Ankeny, IA and Prevent Future Flooding

Home Improvement

One of the most damaging things that can happen to your home is to have a flooded basement in Ankeny, IA. There are several reasons why a basement may flood, such as excessive rain, melting snow, high humidity or a leaking pipe. Whatever the cause, it is important to have it cleaned as soon as possible to prevent further damage as well as potentially risk the health of your family. If you experience flooding in the basement there a certain steps you will need to take to make sure the area is clean, safe and is protected from possible flooding in the future.

Although it is usually best to contact a professional to dry and clean the basement, if you are on a budget you can complete the task yourself. The first step is to figure out the reason why you have a flooded basement in Ankeny, IA. Inspect the foundation to find out if the water is coming in from the outside, for example is a problem with the drainage system or are there cracks in the foundation? The problem may also be due to a faulty sump pump or a broken pipe, so take your time and inspect all areas of the basement on the exterior as well as the interior.

Once you have found the problem, if it is something that requires a professional service, such as a plumber, contact someone as soon as possible for repairs. Once the cause of the flooding has been identified, you will need to remove all of the water and completely dry the basement. A shop vac can typically be used to remove the standing water and you can place several fans throughout the basement to help speed up the drying time.

Contact a waterproofing company such as to waterproof the basement and prevent future flooding. The area will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the growth and spread of mold and mildew. Use a safe sanitizing cleaner and wear protective clothing, including eye protection to avoid breathing in potential dangerous mold, mildew or odors from the standing water.