Drive Away In That Chevy Car OKC Residents Trust


When deciding on a new Car OKC residents know that the vehicle they purchase must not only be attractive to drive but be dependable in a variety of weather conditions. While their new car or truck purchase needs to endure all four seasons of the year, it also has to be highly enjoyable to drive. Seating needs to be roomy to accommodate family members and daily personal tasks such as car pooling. Buyers seeking the purchase of a new truck may need to use it for business purposes and the carrying of equipment. It is not unusual for people in Oklahoma to return to Knippelmier Chevrolet each time they are looking for their next new car. Sometimes they have learned of this dealership via word of mouth from friends, co-workers and neighbors. For many other car buyers, they have discovered this Chevrolet dealership by looking at their web pages located online at

Working with the sales staff at Knippelmier Chevrolet makes choosing the perfect vehicle easier. They take the time to listen to the wants and needs of potential buyers. Taking a test drive is usually the next step after buyers see their dream car in the showroom. After taking the car out for a spin, they can ask their sales representative any questions that they might have regarding the car’s efficiency and driving statistics.

For buyers whose financial state may be the issue keeping them from purchasing a new car or truck, the Chevrolet financing team is ready to work with them. People who may have previously thought the dream of buying a new car as being unattainable at their means, have been pleased to learn that purchasing or leasing is available with the proper financing in place.

Knippelmier Chevrolet is also a place where car buyers can return for their repair and routine maintenance. Everything from oil changes to more serious repairs can be scheduled with their skilled technical staff. Their parts department also stocks a full array of parts for those drivers who enjoy repairing their own vehicles. In addition, they have a complete line of accessories for Chevy owners to assist them in their commitment to their new cars.