It doesn’t matter whether you need to send a one-of-a-kind painting to a buyer across the globe or you need to ship antiques a few states away, ensuring the safe delivery of items is likely a must. That’s why galleries, museums and collectors inside on using the best designer delivery services Los Angeles has to offer.

What is a Designer Delivery Service?

The finest designer delivery services in Los Angeles are companies that specialize in shipping high-end goods, including museum-quality works of art, furniture and other valuables. While standard delivery services might make sense for transporting lower-end items, when it comes to irreplaceable valuables going with the best matters. Companies that specialize in higher end goods have the expertise to ensure packages no matter how big or small arrive on time and in excellent condition.

What to Look For When Hiring

Contracting designer delivery services in Los Angeles does call for a little research on your part. After all, anyone can say they have experience transporting museum pieces, but the best firms distinguish themselves. Look for companies that:


  • Have years of experience – Some of the better designer delivery services in Los Angeles boast decades of experience handling paintings, furniture, antiques and other valuables. They also have customers that are willing to speak to their expertise. Keep in mind that shipping a painting that’s a few hundred years old is very different than dropping a letter in the mail. The right know how is essential to ensure safe transport.


  • Offer in-house crating – Companies that specialize in transporting high end items don’t typically prefer to use only bubble wrap and cardboard to safeguard the goods they’re handling. To this end, they’ll offer in-house, custom crating services to ensure items are really ready for transport. The end result is a highly protective, custom made box that prevents damage during transport and can safeguard even the most delicate of valuables.
  • Provide secure storage – Sometimes items have to be stored before they can be shipped. This typically doesn’t call for anything special, but if those items happen to be works of art special features do matter. The best services provide their customers access to climate controlled, museum-quality storage that also delivers 24/7 security.

Designer delivery services in Los Angeles can keep your valuables in pristine condition no matter how far they have to travel. Find out more by visiting us online at