Don’t File a Chapter 13 in Jackson, MS without Legal Help


Everyone should have the opportunity to have a redo in life. Second chances are part of life. If you have too much debt and you don’t know how you’re ever going to be able to survive, then maybe it’s time to consider filing for a Chapter 13 in Jackson, MS. There are actually several different types of bankruptcy filings that are possible. There are different possibilities, because every person has situations that are different. A good lawyer will help you learn about the different types of bankruptcy, and they also will help you to decide which one will work best for your needs.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is considered a wage earners bankruptcy. A chapter 13 is possible if you are able to pay off some of your outstanding debts. With a chapter 13 bankruptcy you can keep your home, your car and also your regular paycheck. You also can keep your land and some other assets. They combine all of your unsecured debts and then you are allowed to make payments that will work with your current income. These payments can be spread out from 3 to 5 years so that you can afford to make the payments, as well as meet all of your other regular expenses.

There are a lot of terms and conditions that are surrounding your bankruptcy, and that is where a lawyer can help. They will explain the entire Chapter 13 in Jackson, MS process, before you file the paperwork. You will have to show the courts all of your assets and a detailed budget plan. A lawyer will help you get everything together, so that you are completely prepared to see the judge. When you file for bankruptcy, then you are required to attend credit counseling classes. These classes can be taken online, and a lawyer can point you to the best ones.

There is a whole process to filing for bankruptcy, and it’s certainly something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before you decide to file for Chapter 13 in Jackson, MS, then you should talk to a lawyer. They know all the bankruptcy laws and rules, so that you can file without too many hassles. It can be scary to file for a bankruptcy on your own, but a lawyer will make your life much easier.