Does Wedding Invitation Design Really Matter?


Planning a wedding involves a lot of time, detail and money, which is why so many brides stress perfection. That said, there are some brides out there who aren’t too concerned with perfection; rather, they are merely concerned with everyone having a good time. While the saying “To each their own,” applies to weddings as it does to everything else in life, there are just some details that no bride should be lax on. One of those details is the wedding invitation. Whether the bride wants a laser cut invitation or a normal cardstock one, she should give some thought to the overall design of her invite, and here’s why:

Invites Set the Tone for the Wedding

Imagine receiving a wedding invitation in the mail that was somewhat reminiscent of a kid’s birthday party invitation. What would you think? Chances are that you would treat the wedding as you would any child’s birthday party—you would show up in casual attire, with a ho-hum gift and a feeling of not really knowing what to expect. Will there be food? Drinks? Other adults? If you want guests to look forward to and respect your big day, send a wedding invite that says so.

Invites Serve as Keepsakes

Sure, you’ll have pictures and cake-toppers and a host of other memories, but when it comes to your big day, there is no such thing as “too many memories.” A nice wedding invitation would be the perfect way to begin your wedding photo album, or even make a great cover piece. Right now, you may think that little details like your invite don’t matter, but years from now, when you’re showing your children keepsakes from your big day, you’ll be happy you invested a little bit of time into choosing that perfect invite.

You don’t have to invest in expensive designer invitations for your wedding day, but investing in a nice invitation will go a long way towards making your day a better one. Whether you want a laser cut invitation or one with foil printing doesn’t matter—what matters is that you give thought to your invite design at all. To order Click Here.