Do You Need Services for Shredding in San Diego?

Business And Finance

You have probably heard of shredding in San Diego before and a misconception about these devices is that they are only suited to businesses. While businesses and large organizations will benefit from shredding in San Diego as a way of protecting the privacy of their employees and customers, homeowners can also take advantage of what these services have to offer. In the year 2006, a report conducted by The Boston Globe stated that these services were expanding by more than 20 percent each year. To live a risk-free life and to feel confident when binning your personal documents, discover what shredding in San Diego can do for you.

Shredding in San Diego – Destroy Bank Documents

We all receive bank statements from time to time. Not only this, but there are numerous pieces of paper that detail our bank account number and name, such as receipts, credit card statements, phone bills and much more. Even if you feel as though nobody can access your documents, there is a high possibility that a fraudster may look through your garbage, pull out a bank document and begin buying things in your name. This will tarnish your credit score and possibly, leave you in debt therefore by getting the services of shredding in San Diego, you can destroy these documents indefinitely.

Shredding in San Diego – Proof of Identity

Every person who gets shredding in San Diego will use the services to dispose of documents that prove their identity. Identity theft affects more than 15 million people in America every single year, but there is one simple solution to this problem and that will be to use a shredder. Birth certificates, passports, driving licenses, Social Security cards, insurance documents and citizenship papers can all be used by thieves to fake your identity. Social Security cards could enable a criminal to claim benefits in your name and with your passport, an illegal citizen could easily travel from country to country, proving why you should get shredding services.

Shredding in San Diego – Tax Returns

Documents detailing tax returns are often stuffed at the back of a drawer or pinned on a fridge. Wherever you keep yours, it is imperative that you find the papers right now and use shredding in San Diego to cut them into tiny pieces. Typically, it is important for a person to hold onto their tax returns for at least three years and during this time, you really should keep them out of sight in a safe. When these three years are up, it is advisable to shred them to stop your Social Security number from getting into the wrong hands.

Your dependents may be affected if documents get into the hands of criminals, proving the importance of shredding in San Diego.