Do You Need Automobile Insurance in Santa Cruz for a Teen Driver?


If you have a teen in your household who drives, you can save on your insurance by including your teen on your policy. Maybe you have a teen who is close to the age to drive. If so, you need to learn more about insurance plans and find out the requirements for driving a car.

Rules Concerning Teen Drivers

That way, any automobile insurance in Santa Cruz you consider can be more easily purchased. Finding out how to cover yourself and your teen will help reap you savings, provided that you make policy comparisons. Before a teen can become licensed in California, he or she must complete a driving training class. Your teen will also need to obtain a provisional permit to drive when he or she is at least 15-1/2 years old.

Taking the Required Tests

Fully licensed teens who obtain automobile insurance must be at least 16 years old. They should have provisional permits for at least six months. Teen applicants must pass a DMV driving test before obtaining their provisional driver’s licenses.

Provisional Driving Limits

Also, when considering automobile insurance coverage for your teen, you need to be aware of certain driving restrictions. Teens who are beginning drivers can only drive between 5:01 in the morning and 10:59 at night and may only transport passenger 21 years old or older. After the provisional period ends, full driving privileges are granted.

Who to Contact in Santa Cruz

If you would like to find out various coverages for insuring the drivers in your household, contact a company website such as visit us website now. Find out all you can about the various forms of protection so everyone in your family is safely covered and aware of the driving laws. By working with the right company, you can save money on your insurance policy and ensure a safer driving experience for young drivers in your household.