Do Not Wait: Find an Emergency Dentist in West Point, GA


Tooth pain is excruciating. If you have a dental issue, you should call your dentist. In rare cases, your dentist is unavailable. A family dentist may be closed on holidays, weekends, and evenings when you start experiencing severe dental pain. If your dentist’s office does not have after-hours, you may need to seek an emergency dentist in West Point, GA.

Unexplainable Toothaches

An emergency dental issue needs to be treated immediately. If you have an unexplainable toothache, it can be a sign of infection. Mild toothaches can be treated with salt water or a cold compress. These at-home treatments may help you wait until you can get to your dentist during regular office hours.

However, there are times where a toothache is extremely painful. Severe pain is a red flag that your issue is an emergency. An untreated infection may lead to sepsis. Sepsis is extremely dangerous. If you are experiencing a severely painful and unexplainable toothache, you should seek an Emergency Dentist In West Point, GA.

Swollen Gums, Mouth, and Jaw

Your mouth can become irritated due to everyday activities such as drinking a hot cup of tea or flossing. These are not considered an emergency. If your gums are swollen and painful, and they will not stop bleeding, this can indicate a serious dental emergency.

Swelling in your jaw and mouth are serious indications of an infection. Untreated infections, as discussed previously, can lead to sepsis. You may also have irritation in your lymph nodes, leading to other serious health issues. An emergency dentist in West Point, GA will quickly act to treat and alleviate your emergency dental issues.