A Divorce Attorney in Mequon WI Can Help With the Aspects of Ending a Marriage


Deciding to get divorced starts a process that is both emotional and legal. Marriage is a contract under the law, and ending this contract requires both parties to engage in making decisions to divide assets and child support issues. All of this has to be done while respecting the rights of each party as given by state law. It’s not easy to do, and setting aside emotions is difficult, but a Divorce attorney Mequon WI can help bring the matter to a close.

There is more than one way to engage in divorce proceedings. In the event that the couple is amicable enough to cooperate, they can let the lawyer do all of the work and finalize it in front of a judge. In this scenario, the couple makes the decisions on what to divide and how, then the lawyer makes sure that the state laws regarding division of assets is adhered to. Support issues are determined based on the living arrangements and any children involved in the marriage. Once both parties are satisfied, they then sign off on what the attorney has drawn up. The best Divorce attorney Mequon WI takes the agreement to court, the judge approves the settlement and grants the divorce. Both parties can now move on with their lives as they see fit.

If the situation is such that emotions are high and one or both parties are not inclined to cooperate, the divorce is going to be more difficult. A lawyer can act as a referee, working to come to an equitable conclusion for both, even if both are at odds with one another. The goal is to close out the marriage so the couple can get the technical terms of the divorce down on paper. It’s not unusual for negative emotions to be involved with a divorce. A lawyer can keep the proceedings on track in order to get a satisfactory settlement and agreement that can go in front of a judge.

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