The Discovery Process with a Lawyer in Walker MN


Legal disputes are a part of life and should be approached with the assistance of a lawyer in Walker MN. If you are the defendant in a lawsuit, you will need to provide the evidence why you are not at fault. By relying on an attorney, you will have a greater chance of winning your case.

The Discovery Process

The time to prove your case is during the discovery process of a lawsuit. This is the time when the defendant will be asked a number of questions.

Listed below are some parts of the discovery process:

1. Written interrogatories – A series of 25-50 questions may be served on the plaintiff or defendant during the process of discovery. These questions must be answered thoroughly and concisely to assist in winning your case. All of the questions asked must pertain to some part of a lawsuit.

2. Requests for admissions – Statements served to either party that must be admitted or denied are a part of the discovery process.

3. Requests for production documents – Providing medical receipts or statements showing loss wages due to an accident or fault of another person should be submitted during this stage. When working to prove your innocence it is important to include evidence that can do so.

Be sure to provide truthful responses in the allotted amount of time during discovery.

Preparing for the Deposition

One of the largest and most intense parts of the discovery process is the deposition. This requires the party for either side to meet with the opposing attorney in person and answering a series of questions. Listed below are effective ways to respond during a deposition:

1. The party completing the deposition should listen carefully to the entire question being asked by the attorney. Pay close attention to the question, think about a response and then provide an answer.

2. If you do not know the answer to a question tell the attorney you do not know. It is far better than providing an inaccurate response. When possible provide a simple yes or no statement and try not to elaborate on any question or topic.

Finally, the discovery process is the time to prove your innocence and win your case. Contact Borden, Steinbauer, Kruger & Knudson, P.A. to provide legal counsel and guide you through civil litigation.

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