Discover the Many Benefits of a Raised Toilet Seat in Miami for Seniors

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Some seniors have difficulty walking or keeping their balance due to health concerns. This can be dangerous, and the senior person could be at risk for falls even when at home. Discover the many benefits of installing a raised toilet seat Miami for seniors. This is a safer alternative that can help prevent common bathroom fall incidents.

ER Doctors Claim More Seniors Get Injured in Their Bathrooms

When a senior falls in their bathroom, it is often due to unsafe room conditions. Some seniors have problems with stiff joints and pain when they walk or stand for even just a few minutes. The bathrooms are generally smaller spaces, and many seniors still live at home in older houses that are prone to have tiny bathrooms and narrow hallways. ER doctors claim that more seniors get injured while in their own home bathroom. Head injuries are common, and this can be a serious life-threatening event.

Consider Updating Your Bath with Safety Features for Seniors

If you are a senior or are caring for a senior with balance or ambulation problems in your home, seriously consider updating your bath with safety features known to reduce bathroom falls and injuries in the senior population. A terrific and simple update is to install a higher raised toilet seat from a Miami-based medical supply retailer.

Where to Shop for Safety Bathroom Fixtures & Other Aids

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