Discover the Best Hibachi and California Sushi Roll in Gulfport, MS

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Food Service

Food is truly one of the great ways to sample other cultures in a very hands-on fashion. Ours is an era of increased global contact and sharing between cultures, and what better way to sample a bit of Japanese culture in Gulfport or elsewhere than partaking in some of the best sushi in the area? Sushi has exploded in popularity across America over the past few years, an uptick which has likewise seen hibachi-style and Japanese food as a whole become one of the most popular culinary choices.

Of course, not all sushi and hibachi places are created equal. Grab first-class entrees such as a California sushi roll in Gulfport, MS and enjoy the best Japanese cuisine in the Magnolia State!

Sushi Options

From its very name, you can see how a California sushi roll can be taken as a prime example of cultural sharing, blending the best of traditional Japanese cuisine with the latest trends in West Coast dining. From cucumber rolls to eel dragon rolls, Oshino rolls and spider rolls, the Philadelphia roll and its aforementioned West Coast cousin, the California sushi roll, there is a wide variety of sushi options available all across America today.

What Is “Hibachi-Style?”

In Japan, hibachi refers to a special traditional heating device which has been used for around a thousand years. Hibachis are often beautifully decorated, and antique ones can be extremely valuable. In the English-speaking world, however, and here in America in particular, “hibachi-style” refers to all manner of different delicious charcoal-grilled entrees. The best Japanese restaurants serve up the best of both worlds, creating “hibachi-style” appetizers as well as lunch and dinner specials. What’s more, because of its fire-grilled nature, “hibachi-style” entrees are a perfect choice for family or company barbeques, making a great site for Japanese catering.

Whether you are hungry for a California sushi roll, a “hibachi-style” entree, or any number of Japanese dishes, call today for the best Japanese food in Mississippi!

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