Dirty Carpets in Grand Rapids, MI? Professional Cleaning is Available


Carpets harbor a secret. Even if you vacuum regularly, they hold on to small particles of dirt that grind against the fibers, shortening the life of the carpet.

Carpeting cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI, are available to remove these particles and keep your carpets in good condition. Read on to learn about how deep cleaning is performed.


High traffic areas or places where significant spills/stains are present are usually pre-treated. A biodegradable chemical is sprayed over the carpet and allowed a few minutes to penetrate to the base of the pile to begin loosening the dirt.

Water Injection and Extraction

A truck-based high-pressure water injector is used with detergents to break the dirt off the fibers. It is immediately followed by a powerful vacuum to complete the deep cleaning (extraction).

Conditioning the Pile and Drying

The professional cleaner normally uses a tool to sweep and lift the pile to promote drying. In cool weather, powerful fans may be used to speed the drying time. It may be necessary to leave them overnight. You may also be asked to increase the thermostat setting to help with drying.

Who do I Contact to get professional carpet cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI?

A&L Janitorial & Cleaning Services has been trusted to meet your high standards for many years. They have the expertise to keep your carpets in good condition.