Different Types of Home Windows Arlington Homeowners Should Consider When Replacing Old Windows


A Home windows Arlington installation will certainly vary in design and material. The most popular are the wood window frames, while fiberglass and vinyl options are a close second. Before purchasing new window installations, ensure that the professionals test them. While most homes have double hung style windows, others require styles like hopper and awning windows. For a better understanding of the different types available on the market, here are some considerations.

Fiberglass, Wood and Vinyl Frame Windows

Wood and fiberglass are a favorite among homeowners. Wood frame windows have wood clad in aluminum or vinyl for purposes of offering durability. Fiberglass frame windows are entirely made out of fiberglass.

While new, fiberglass and wood frame windows exhibit excellent qualities of keeping out rain and cold air. After been subjected to extreme weather for a certain period, the window frames exhibited little to no loss in terms of performance.

Vinyl frame windows are maintenance-free and relatively inexpensive. However, they tend to leak more air. For older homes, the vinyl frame window might be inappropriate since it lacks the appeal of wood and cannot be stained or painted over.

Fixed Windows

The fixed window option is usually used when lighting is more important than ventilation. These windows are airtight and come in various configurations that offer unusual glass shapes or decorative glass accents. Since the fixed windows do not open, they offer no form of ventilation.

Awning Style Windows

Awning windows open outward and hinged at the top. For a frame to close, the sash has to press against the frame; this quality helps awning windows leak less air compared to single, double hung windows and sliders. During a storm, the windows can remain open since they will deflect the rain. However, ensure that screens are placed on the inside only. Click here for more details.

The Hopper Style Window

The hopper style is the direct opposite of the awning style; it is hinged at the bottom opening either outward or inward. The most common position for installation is above another window or door, but it has to be protected by eaves. You can place screens on either side, depending on how the window opens.

While looking at the different home windows Arlington options available, it is crucial that you consult with the professionals at Business Name in Arlington. Such a move will ensure that the decision you make is the right one.