The Different Methods of T-Shirts Printing


T-shirt printing is the process in which we take our own t-shirts and customize them into our teams, schools, company and clubs slogans or logos. This is by designing them using custom ink. T-shirt printing is done using art work or designs. There are different methods of t-shirt printing;

The Screen Printing Method.

This is the most common method of t-shirt printing. This is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. The prints of this method are perfect. This means that they are very durable and long lasting. This method assures very high quality prints and it’s the most economical in terms of both finances and the quality ratio.

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer method consists of a full color print and as a result makes them to appear like a photo. This method allows easy use of different design prints. It is however bound to lower quality as compared to the screen method.

Digital Printing

This method is quite easy to improvise. It involves very few steps. It has very smart and presentable prints only that the t-shirt becomes of a brighter aspect. It seems brighter than usual. Digital printing allows one to produce a variety of designs. One can produce different t-shirts for the same event.

Vinyl Printing Method

This is another method of t-shirt printing and for that case it’s a better choice if and only if your print is bound to small run.

Due to the rising use of printed t-shirts, many companies are using customized t-shirts in order to promote various services and products. Such a marketing method is effective and has various advantages, which include;

* Printed t-shirts can be seen by many people mostly when won while travelling. The company does not need to pay the people wearing these t-shirts. This makes it the best aspect for marketing because it is cheaper and targets a large population.
* Printed t-shirts are free and very smart. This entices people to wear them thus exposing the companies’ brands to consumers.
* Costumed printed t-shirts also have no time bound. You can wear them for a long time and still communicate the message of company band.
* T-shirts are great gifts to employees and consumers. That is why most of the time, printed t-shirts are used in most business events. It is an effective way of spreading the word about the company’s products and services increasing its popularity.

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