Diesel exhaust and cancer

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Lawyers

Diesel fuel is used to power large engines, those often found in trucks, buses, trains, generators, and even some automobiles. Diesel exhaust is harmful to human health, the two main components; particulates and gas are in turn made of many other components, many of which are linked to cancer.

   *  The gas is mostly carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide along with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
   *  The particulate is composed of carbon and traces of metallic and organic compounds.

Diesel exhaust concerns include cancer, lung disease, and heart disease. With the prevalence of diesel engines, these are real threats to the majority of Americans regardless of whether they live in the city or the countryside. Anyone that has reason to believe that his or her disease is directly related to diesel exhaust should speak to a stomach cancer lawyer.

How are people exposed to diesel exhaust?

Diesel exhaust is widespread; it can affect people in their homes, at work, at play and while traveling. Those most at risk of developing cancer are those that work in the transportation industry, railroads, dockworkers, and mechanics. People who spend a great deal of their time traveling on American highways are also exposed on a daily basis.


Several studies have been made, looking for links between diesel exhaust and cancer. No doubt, that lung cancer is prevalent, but stomach cancer, bladder cancer and more are linked.

The evidence of harmful health effects of diesel exposure has been accumulating for many years. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) stated as far back as 1989 that diesel exhaust was carcinogenic. Although the manufacturers of diesel engines state that these results were based on testing old engines and that, the exhaust from new engines is far cleaner and less likely to harm humans. The IARC has considered what new technology has done to cut the level of harmful gases and particulates but have not agreed that these can be translated in positive health effects.

Anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer and is of the opinion that it is directly related to exposure to diesel exhaust should contact a knowledgeable stomach cancer lawyer. You are invited to discuss your health issues with the Hughes Law Offices.

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