Details Provided By A Bail Bond Company In Oklahoma City

Bail Bonds

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants must follow specific requirements when obtaining a release from the county jail. The new criminal charges applied to the defendant’s records as well as their previous convictions determine if bail is possible. A local bail bond company in Oklahoma City provides the defendants with assistance if the defendant cannot pay all their bail.

Identifying the Exact Bail Value

The defendant must attend an arraignment after they are arrested and booked. During the arraignment, the judge determines if bail is available for the defendant. Any defendant that is a flight risk will not receive bail. Once the judge identifies a value, the defendant or their representative can contact a bail bondsman to purchase a bail bond.

How to Get a Bail Bond

The defendant or representative must provide a percentage of the bail value to the bondsman to get a bail bond. Typically, the percentage is paid in cash or credit. Bondsmen also accept collateral for the bond such as real estate, jewelry, and automobiles. The defendant or their representative must provide a deed or title for real estate and automobiles.

How to Get Released from Jail

To get released from jail, the bail bondsman takes the bail bond documents to a judge to acquire release forms. Once the bail bond has been processed, the bail bondsman takes the release documents to the county jail to get the defendant released. Out-processing is performed after the documents are filed in the computer system.

What are the Expectations After the Bond is Posted?

Once the bond is posted and the defendant is released, the defendant must follow specific terms. For example, the defendant must attend all upcoming court appearances. If they fail to appear, the judge will issue a bench warrant for their arrest.

In Oklahoma, a bail bond is available to defendants who need to be released from jail quickly. The bail bond requires a smaller percentage of the bail, and the defendant could be released within twenty-four hours. The defendant or their representative pay a bail bondsman for the bail bond. Defendants who need the services of a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City contact Ken Boyer Bail Bonds right now.