Designing a Home Office with the Right Furniture


It’s important that you consider your home office a real office. Don’t let the fact that your office is in a spare bedroom or takes up a corner of your sitting room deter you from decorating it like a real office. How you feel in your home office can dictate how seriously you’ll take your job and how productive you are throughout the day. You must choose the right office furniture and design your home office for functionality and efficiency. When shopping for office furniture in Ottawa, know the room or space measurements so that you choose pieces just right for the space.

Get the Desk

A desk is the alpha and omega of all office furniture. Ottawa home business owners should choose the desk they love and then design the rest of the room around the desk. The shape and size of the desk depends upon your business. If you’re a photographer with lots of computer editing equipment, you may need a large surface area. If you’re a writer who just needs a monitor, printer, and keyboard, you may opt for a desk with more storage space and less surface area.

If the office space is small, you may want a corner desk to get the maximum benefit out of the office. If you’ll meet with clients at your home, you may want a longer desk that accommodates two or three people. Once you choose the desk, you’ll see how easy it is to choose the rest of the furniture.

Get the Chair and Lighting

Two other important aspects of a home office are your desk chair and your office lighting. You want a chair that’s comfortable and functional, based on how long you’ll sit at your desk each day. If you only use the desk chair to meet with clients or type out an email, you could get a chair that matches the desk in style and design.

Lighting is important, too. Tall, corner lamps are perfect for illuminating an entire room. You may also choose to have a desk lamp or a ceiling light. The lighting in your home office can make your office feel warm and inviting, encouraging you to spend extra time in there to get your work done. If you have trouble finding the best office furniture stores Ottawa furniture makers will gladly work with you to custom design whatever you need for your office.

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