Dermatologists: Nitrogen Spray Guns Open up New Outpatient Surgery Options

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Outpatient surgical procedures for skin issues and blemish removal may require a hospital surgical suite when your office or clinic doesn’t have the proper facilities to do these procedures. That drives up the cost for your patients, who may go elsewhere to have the procedure done for less. Keep your patients and do more outpatient procedures in your office or clinic with a nitrogen spray gun. Here’s how this simple device opens up a world of simple surgical possibilities for your dermatology practice.

Freeze and Kill Warts

Warts of all kinds can make patients very uncomfortable about their appearance or the warts are just painful. When an incision to remove a wart is not something you can do in your clinic because of the necessary steps to ensure total sanitation, use a nitrogen spray gun to freeze warts. The gun eliminates the need to use a scalpel and the extreme cold kills warts completely.

Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags, those obnoxious and unsightly three-dimensional moles, are more easily removed when they are frozen. Freezing them also decreases the sensation of pain during removal, which a lot of patients like. A nitrogen spray gun is particularly helpful when the skin tags are located in places where a scalpel would prove too difficult or too messy to use. Combined with silver nitrate sticks to cauterize small wounds that remain after the frozen skin tag is clipped off, this is a very safe, sanitary and effective procedure you can do in your clinic all the time.