How Does the Dentist in Heber Springs Perform a Root Canal?


When people hear the words root canal, they often feel uneasy and even a bit frightened. This is mostly due to people not fully understanding the procedure. Root canals are one of the best dental procedures to prevent tooth loss. They are used to correct damage from cavities and infection and are normally carried out as a last resort before tooth extraction. When the dentist informs you of needing a root canal, understanding how the process is carried out will put your mind at ease. The Dentist Heber Springs will care for you throughout the procedure, making sure your tooth is treated.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

The first step to a root canal is an examination and X-ray. The Dentist Heber Springs needs to know how badly the tooth is damaged or infected. If infection is present, the dentist will need to see if it is deep within the tooth structure and has reached the bone. This allows him or her to know what needs to be done during the procedure. The procedure will begin with the dentist using Novocaine to completely numb the area of the tooth. This ensures you are comfortable during the procedure.

Once numb, the dentist will drill an opening into the tooth. The opening is used to remove all of the inner tissue and nerve of the tooth and helps to remove infection as well. Using special tools called canal files, the dentist will scrape the canals or roots of the tooth, making sure they are clear of infection, tissue and debris. Once the nerve has been removed, there is no more pain experienced in the tooth and the infection and tissue removal is often able to save the tooth from needing extraction.

If the tooth is infected, you will have a temporary filling put into place until it heals. Once healed, the permanent filling is put in and the tooth is protected. If the tooth has been severely damaged and is not stable, the dentist may place a crown on it. Most people are able to quickly recover and find relief from the pain and pressure they once felt.

If you are in need of a root canal, contact Jason T Bolding DDS and make an appointment today. His office has a wide array of dental services, to meet your every need. Keeping your teeth healthy and your smile looking its best is their top priority.