What Does the Dentist in Grand Prairie, TX Do When You Have a Cavity?


The health of your smile is so important. Not only do your teeth need to be healthy to make your appearance look its best, but it is also important for the health of your entire body. Research over the last ten years has made a surprising conclusion, proving the health of your teeth and gums is in direct correlation with the health of the rest of your body. Studies have shown a link between heart disease and poor oral health. This is why it is important to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong, so you can avoid cavities and other conditions that might cause you to have tooth loss. The Dentist in Grand Prairie, TX can help to take care of your teeth, even when cavities do occur.

What Happens When You Have a Cavity?

When the signs of a cavity are occurring, you need to make sure you see the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will first examine your tooth and take X-rays. The X-rays are one of the most important aspects of caring for the tooth because it allows the dentist to see how extensive the damage is. Often, the full damage cannot be seen with the eye alone.

Once the dentist has checked the tooth, he or she will then make the decision on which treatment option is best. There are several treatments your dentist can offer you for cavities. They include:

*  Fillings — Fillings can be made from different materials, like porcelain, resin and metal alloy. The dentist will make the decision on which will best benefit your needs. After your tooth has been filled, this will stop the pain and the progression of decay.

*  Root canal — If the damage is severe to your tooth, the Dentist in Grand Prairie, TX may need to perform a root canal to stop the damage and the pain, so you can avoid an extraction.

*  Extraction — If the tooth is severely damaged, it may need to be pulled. If you do lose the tooth, you can have it replaced with a dental implant.

If you are experiencing the signs of a cavity, contact Carrier Dentistry today. They can care for your entire oral health and can treat you for cavities, when they arise. Contact them today for your appointment.


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