Dental Problems Treated by an Emergency Dentist in Fishers IN

Dental Health

Dental emergencies are common to people of all age groups. Many people lose their natural teeth after dental emergencies because they do not understand the right emergency dental procedures to use, and they also lack a reliable dentist to attend to them when they need it the most. Learning a few first aid tricks and an available emergency dentist in Fishers IN will help you salvage the natural teeth after an emergency. Here are some of the emergencies that are treated by dentists.

Teeth that have been knocked out

Teeth get knocked out as a result of trauma directed at the face, injuries from accidents and fights. When a tooth gets knocked out of its socket, it is possible to put it back and achieve complete healing. This should however be done in the presence of a dentist or with the guidance of one. The patient should rinse their mouth to get rid of blood and rinse the tooth by putting it under clean tap water. After this, you should try and place the tooth back in its socket. If this is not possible, preserve the tooth in salty water or milk and see an emergency dentist in Fishers IN as soon as you can.

Chipping and fractured teeth

Teeth that have been weakened by crowns and fillings are the ones that are most vulnerable to chipping. Chipping happens when a tooth is subjected to biting something hard. When it happens, it can be very painful. The recommended First Aid is putting a cold compress over the part that has gotten the injury. Contacting a dentist will help you get a restorative procedure such as getting a crown for protection. Fractures happen as a result of trauma to the natural tooth. A dentist will treat fractures by performing a root canal procedure. However, if the root has been affected, it may be difficult to restore tooth, leading to extraction.

A toothache

A toothache is usually the result of advanced decay. When a cavity exposes the pulp cavity, bacteria infects the tissue leading to the formation of an abscess, pus accumulation and rotting of the tissue in the cavity. This pain can be alleviated by performing a root canal.

Other services offered include emergency cosmetic processes by a teeth whitening dentist. Contacting an emergency dentist in Fishers IN will help solve all dental issues. Visit website domain for more information!!