What Are Dental Implants?


A missing tooth, especially one which is visible when smiling can shatter anyone’s confidence, the constant need to cover your mouth with your hand when you smile can be quite embarrassing in some situations and missing teeth tend to make a person look older. In the past the only way to replace a missing tooth or a whole mouthful of teeth was either a bridge or false teeth. Dental implants in Charleston, WV are a far better solution because you are left with teeth that are every bit as good as natural teeth.

Through the use of a high-tech surgical procedure, a titanium implant is fitted into the jawbone where it fuses. The best candidates for dental implants are people who are in general good health including gums and enough bone to support the implant. In certain cases there may not be sufficient bone available but the dental surgeon can graft bone to overcome this problem. Once the implant procedure is finished it can last a lifetime and in no time you will forget that you have a false tooth.

There are a host of benefits for those who elect to have dental implants in Charleston, WV. The success rate is very high; rarely are there ever any complications. Because the implant is in the bone, there is no collapse or recession of the gums as there is with dentures and bridges. Whereas bridges and dentures usually require work to be done on adjacent teeth there is always the potential of further problems, this is never an issue with dental implants as they stand alone and are not supported by other teeth.

Dental implants can be used for replacing one tooth or every tooth or anywhere in between. In many cases the maximum number of implants is based on how much bone is available to support them. The area in the upper back of the mouth normally has less bone than the rest of the jaw; this area is not a good candidate for implants.

There is no age limitation on implant surgery; patients of any age can have them. From the first appointment to the last the patient can expect a few months to elapse as the implant must fuse to the jaw bone before it can carry the crown.

Dental implants in Charleston, WV are but one of the cosmetic dental procedures that are performed at Shalhoup & Feola Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.