Dental Implants vs. Dentures


Many adults are missing at least one tooth due to tooth decay, fractures, gum disease or an accident. However, there is neither need nor reason to go through life missing teeth. With today’s technology, there are many viable options available to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Many people are familiar with the concept of dentures, but fewer know of dental implants in Oregon.

Dentures are false teeth but are less permanent than implants are. Also, while their quality has improved throughout the years, they are not ideal for all candidates. If not secured properly with a dental adhesive, they can slip out while speaking or eating. Dentures also offer the risk of infection or decay if the false tooth (or teeth) isn’t fitted correctly. They can be uncomfortable, cause sores and irritation, cause problems with eating and speaking, and can further facial collapse as they do not preserve the bone. However, dentures in Roseburg Oregon are an ideal, and relatively affordable fit for those whose gums or jawbone are weak or unhealthy.

Dental implants in Downers Grove, on the other hand, are surgically inserted into the jawbone. When properly fitted and cared for, they can last for up to twenty years without a need for replacement. Implants are often the chosen option for those who are only missing one or two teeth, but can also be an alternative to dentures if you are missing several teeth. As long as your jaw and gums are healthy, two or more implants can provide a base for more replacement teeth.

Be aware that dental implants in Oregon (or anywhere) tend to be more expensive than dentures; however, their pros highly outweigh those of dentures. Dental implants are secure and don’t move around, low maintenance, comfortable, preserve the bone in your mouth, and help to prevent gum and bone deterioration, jawbone recession and facial collapse.