What Are Dental Implants In Peabody MA?


Without teeth;-

* we could still talk but our words would not sound right to many people;

* we could still consume enough food to keep us alive but a soup and drink diet might be boring;

* we could even move our sunken cheeks and open our lips in a gummy smile but would anyone love us for it?

Yes, we could get by without teeth but would we want to; especially if we did not have to?

There can be many causes behind tooth loss and they do not all relate to poor oral hygiene, bad eating or drinking habits and never visiting a dentist. Genetics, accidents and illness can all cause tooth loss in even the most well cared for mouth.

What To Do When You Lose A Tooth?

Whether the tooth was accidentally knocked out or removed by a dentist because of other problems; what are the options if you literally wish to fill the gap? The first reconstruction consideration is to assess the damage; in particular, have you only lost the upper portion of the tooth and are its roots still strong, sound and healthy? If this is so, it is possible that you may only need to have the damaged tooth crowned.

Total Replacement Without Dentures

If there is nothing that can be salvaged all the way down to the tooth’s roots then modern engineering, dentistry and periodontistry can come to you aid. It’s somewhat similar to replacing the collapsed part of a building. You clear out the debris and then inspect the foundations before rebuilding. Our teeth are anchored in bone (the alveolar bone) and pass through harder tissue before coming through our gums.

For dental implants in Peabody MA, a special titanium post shaped to resemble a natural tooth root is effectively screwed into the tooth bone somewhat like an anchor bolt – technically, this is called a root-form endosseous implant which the alveolar accepts and, through a process called osseointegration the bone and titanium fuse together. Further, smaller posts are then screwed into the hollow end of the anchor post. These protrude through the gums to provide anchorage for the new, artificial, replacement tooth. Dental Implants in Peabody, MA will normally be fitted under the supervision of a dentist with special qualifications in periodontistry and the process is a step by step one conducted over some 6 to 8 months.